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Shout to everyone at the Collect-I-Bowl Record Show @ Brooklyn Bowl last week…Paul, Mike, Randy, Dj Uncle Mike, Damien and everyone involved, for putting on another great Record Show this year at Brooklyn Bowl! Great meeting everyone and we look forward to the next show soon…Stay Tuned for more info!

*I had some website issues and just had time to get back here. So Stay Tuned For More!

Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg presents the Collect-i-Bowl Record Show!
Their largest show ever! Over 30 dealer tables! 1,000’s of rare and collectible records!!
DJ Uncle Mike, 16 bowling lanes… Something for everyone! 


















Fresh off the heels of his Gangrene collaboration with MC/Producer Oh No, The Alchemist steps back into the spotlight announcing his latest project, Russian Roulette, dropping on record label/production house/idea shop Decon on July 17thA collection of 30 tracks woven into a tapestry of insanely obscure samples and jaw-dropping verses from the top names of indie-rap’s recent resurgence
Danny BrownSchoolboy QAction BronsonEvidenceRoc MarcianoMrMFN. eXquire,  Boldy James, and more. The Alchemist creates a cinematic musical experience interwoven through a continuous soundscape demonstrating the vast array of his musical palette.

Track Listing:

1. Soundcheck
2. Apollo’s Last Stand feat Ag Da Coroner
3. Crushed Kremlin feat Mayhem Lauren
4. Decisions Over Veal Orloff feat Action Bronson
5. Learned by Listening
6. Training Montage – Getting Stronger
7. Ivan’s Workout Plan
8. Never Grow Up feat Evidence
9. The Turning Point feat Roc Marciano
10. Live From Dynamo Stadium 2
11. Don Seymour’s Theme feat Midaz
12. Before The Fight Prelude
13. Adrian’s Words – Champion Song
14. Flight Of The Bumblebee
15. Kalashnekov Guns feat Guilty Simpson
16. Flight Confirmation feat Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q
17. Press Conference Prelude
18. Freakish Strength
19. Junkyard Fight Scene feat Durag Dynasty
20. Oleg’s Flight feat Fashawn
21. Moscow Mornings – Sunrise
22. Moscow Evenings – Sunset
23. The Kosmos Pt.1 – Liftoff feat Chuuwee
24. The Kosmos Pt.2 – Power Glove feat Boldy James
25. The Kosmos Pt.3 – In Orbit
26. The Kosmos Pt.4 – Moon Probe feat Big Twinz
27. The Kosmos Pt.5 – 1st Contact – The Chase
28. The Kosmos Pt.6 – Life On Another Planet feat Willie The Kid Master
29. The Kosmos Pt.7 – The Explanation feat Mr. Motherfucking Exquire
30. The Kosmos Pt.8 – Return To Earth Outro Master

Happy B-Day DJ Premier

Nas, Common & Q-Tip Rumored To Be Forming A Super Group “The Standard”

According to reports from the NY Daily News and HipHopDX, it seems like a virtual powerhouses of rap supergroup is in the works. DX notes that in 2007, Q-Tip and Common announced they were forming a collaborative outfit called The Standard, though a full-length project has yet to surface. Quotes sourced from the News site reveal that Nas is now set to sync up with his fellow rappers, though official plans are yet to be made or announced. When asked if he plans to record with Q and Com, Nas responded, “Definitely,” adding fuel to the fire that the slick-lipped duo is set to become a trio. Back in October, Common let slip details of Nas and his upcoming projects, so yeah, we’re gonna call this one all in and true.

The Alchemist Rapper’s Best Friend 2 ‘Got Raps?’ Contest

The Alchemist Offers One Lucky Winner A Produced Track In "Rappers Best Friend 2 - Got Raps?" Contest

Top Hip Hop producer The Alchemist has partnered with label Decon and HipHopDX for the “Rapper’s Best Friend 2 Contest.” In promotion of Al’s March 6th instrumental Hip Hop album, Rapper’s Best Friend 2 (pre-order here), the longtime associate of Mobb Deep and Gangrenemember is offering one lucky emcee a fully-produced track.

Decon and Alchemist released the following video breaking down how to enter and just what you win:

R.A. The Ruggd Man Announces “Legends Never Die”

Over the course of his career, R.A. The Rugged Man has gone from a mysterious cult figure to a full-blown underground rap superstar, touring the globe, producing movies, murdering verses alongside hip-hop’s biggest names, and drawing praise from peers and critics alike. In this exclusive clip, R.A. reveals some details on his new album “Legends Never Die,” the official follow-up to the classic “Die, Rugged Man, Die.” “Legends Never Die” coming soon. Get the latest on R.A. at


J Dilla aka James Yancey, Jay Dee 1974-2006


J Dilla aka James YanceyJay Dee 1974-2006
more… (Stones Throw)

Introducing MPC Fly

Introducing MPC Renaissance