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Monthly Archives: December 2012

C Rayz Walz – “The Digi Box” [VIDEO]

Shout to C Rayz for the mention! “But for hip-hop viral, it’s Crate & Vinyl” – C Rayz Walz (@ 1:43)

‘THE DIGI-BOX’ Produced by Legendary Producer Goldhands is an Ode to the strongest internet blogs and websites that continue to show C-Rayz Walz Respect and post videos and songs. 30 of these Official Sites were deservedly featured consecutive times in THE SOURCE “Power 30” issues (Oct. 2011 & 2012) C-Rayz is sending love by incorporating every site that was mentioned (as well as a few Amazing sites that were not mentioned) into the lyrics of this classic.

Get the Album here: “The Code”